Intentional Estate Planning For Your Peace Of Mind

Customized Estate Planning

There are some core components that every plan will include, yet every estate plan I draft is customized. In addition to creating basic wills and trusts, I can help you create a plan that addresses your specific situation and goals, which may include:

  • Asset protection — You may need specific trusts or other strategies to insulate your property and investments from creditors, lawsuits and taxation.
  • Health care directives – This specifies your medical wishes in the event that illness or injury has incapacitated you and appoints a proxy to make medical decisions on your behalf. An advance directive or “living will” commonly includes preferences relating to organ donation, life support duration, and refusal of certain medical procedures.
  • Powers of attorney – If the time comes when you are not able to act on your own behalf, you want to be sure someone is looking after your best interests. Appointing power of attorney to a trusted person allows them to look after your financial and business affairs when you cannot.
  • Family business succession planning – After working so hard to build your business, you want to be sure the next generation can keep it going. Proper succession planning can assure a smooth transition.
  • Tax planning – Proper estate planning can reduce the tax liability of beneficiaries, allowing them to enjoy more of their inheritance with fewer tax obligations.
  • Charitable planning – Passing on money or assets to a charity not only improves your community but may also be able to reduce the tax liability of your estate.
  • Care and custody of pets — Increasingly, pet owners want to ensure that their “fur babies” will be provided for by leaving a legacy for their care.

Start Planning Today

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