Intentional Estate Planning For Your Peace Of Mind

Funding Charitable Causes In A Tax-Advantaged Manner

Many people wish their legacy to include continued financial support of their favorite charities after they pass. Charitable giving can also be structured to reduce estate and income tax burdens.

As your estate planning lawyer, I can help you accomplish both goals through sophisticated charitable planning. You can turn to the Law Offices of Jaye A. Straus, LLC, for comprehensive, tailored solutions that incorporate tax planning and asset protection strategies.

Explore Your Charitable Planning Options

Whether you have a specific charity in mind or want to establish a charitable legacy for tax purposes, I can assist you in establishing the appropriate trust or legal entity for your bequest:

  • Charitable remainder trust – This enables you to set aside money for a charity while also drawing an income stream from the trust during your lifetime. When you pass, the remainder of the assets transfer to the beneficiary charity.
  • Charitable lead trust – This enables you to channel funds to the designated charity during your lifetime. Upon death (or other specified point in time), any remainder passes to your heirs.
  • Nonprofit or family foundation – Many clients want to leave a namesake legacy that provides grants, scholarships or donations to charitable causes in the community. Setting up a foundation provides substantial tax benefits to the grantors.
  • Religious causes – Donating to a religious-affiliated charitable foundation also has tax advantages while simultaneously supporting social programs that reflect your family’s values.
  • Colleges and universities – Most schools have charitable foundations that allow you to support scholarships, research, endowed departments or other worthy causes. Structured giving to your alma mater or local university also provides notable tax benefits to you.
  • Donor-advised funds – This is an investment account specifically designed to enable you to make tax-deductible contributions to IRS-approved charities of your choice.

Make The Most Of Your Charitable Inclinations

My advanced law degree (LL.M. in Estate Planning) gives you an extra edge in charitable planning. I can help you choose the right vehicles for maximum tax benefit, which ultimately enables you to deliver greater financial support to the charitable causes that are near and dear to you. We will work together to create a charitable giving legacy that aligns with your goals and values.

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